When one leads to two

You know what’s funny?  ok it’s not really funny like HAHA funny, more like HUH funny.  ok never mind, it’s just an observation.

apparently I eat more fried food than I would have liked to admit.  

There.  I said it!

However, I also figured out that I don’t really care all that much about fried foods – I don’t seek them out.  Which is likely why I never really realized I ate that many.  If it’s there I eat it, which is not a good thing, obviously.  Now that I am aware, this whole ban of fried foods for November thing is turning out to be rather educational. huh. (aka “funny”, see above)

Last night we went out to dinner and I avoided fries and other various unhealthy options.  But then I got the Caesar salad.  Not sure if that was a healthy option, but I figured it was better than the mac and cheese!  Of course, I added an alcoholic creamy beverage.  so um.  maybe the fries would have been better?

Really though, while my partner in crime over at SingleishMom might be losing more weight, I can’t really complain that during my halfassed attempt this week, I lost 2 lbs.

What? oh yes, you read that – 2 pouds buh-bye.  Now let’s just see if that was water or if the scale continues it’s downward trajectory this week.  I will also claim that she has more online support with twitter and what not.  (yes, twitter on my iphone will not work, nor will it allow me to install iOS5.  Whole other annoyance on that issue).

Now that I will have a full week of no-fried foods and OK FINE I will take the stairs more and keep other crap to a minimum.  maybe. ok I will try. goodness those hairy eyeballs are frightening.

Your turn – what do you plan on changing this week?  Are you avoiding fried foods too?  It’s comfy on this here bandwagon, you should hop on!

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  1. SingleishMom
    November 8, 2011 | 4:17 pm

    Two pounds is a great start! And I think you hit on one of the things this challenge is really about: finding out where those unhealthy foods fit in in our lives, and being surprised how often we eat them! You’re doing awesome. :)

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