Tech updates really CAN be motivating! Sort of.

fresh!WordPress just released a major update.  I just installed it.  Why do you care?  You don’t really, unless you also have a wordpress site then you should maybe go update.  Why?  Because it’s all sorts of fresh and new and interesting!

And even more than that – all that new and fresh and interesting motivates me to do the same. 

i need an update!

Thank  goodness it’s so close to January – the legendary month to kick off updates!

So I have decided in these last few weeks of December, instead of stressing over not really following my own challenge (hey, I tried!  Be quiet, Yoda) I will plan for my own update.

So far I have:

  1. Write more and hit that blue ‘publish’ button even if i think it’s not good enough
  2. Encourage even more people to do what their hearts tell them.  (seriously, nothing is more soul satisfying!)
  3. Eat more veggies! (even us veggies sometimes get stuck in a carb rut)
  4. Be thankful and enjoy
  5. Buy some new clothes already! Yesh! so over the frump.
  6. Sleep 8 hours a night, preferably uninterrupted (hahaha i think i need to inform the baby about this one)

Ok that’s all I have so far.  What about you all?  Anything exciting I should add to my list?  Inspire me with some ideas please!!



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