The question I dread most: What’s for dinner?

I love food.  I really love good food.  Unfortunately, my favorite things to make involve lots of sugar and butter and well, baking.  As much as I think cake would be delicious for dinner, it’s really not.  It’s best after a savory meal!

Our dinners generally consist of easy habits in very high rotation:

  • Pasta with sauce (tomato or pesto)
  • Grilled Cheese and soup (or sometimes baked fries)
  • Sandwiches
  • Pizza (homemade crust! good ingredients! don’t look at me like that judgy mcjudgerson)
  • Fried Rice/stirfry (peanuts add crunch and yum)
  • Fake Chicken patties and some sort of side (spaghetti and sauce or fries (cringe) or englishmuffin – it’s a sandwich! once in awhile, green beans and mashed potatoes)
  • Mac and Cheese with broccoli
  • Breakfast! (pancakes! or eggs and toast! etc.)
  • Cereal

I look at this list and want to ask my self, “what college do you attend?”  And then in my mom voice, “and how about you add some veggies?  You know, other than tomato sauce… “

There was a time I ate lots and lots of veggies!  (being a vegetarian and all one would think that is kind of required..) and then I married a man who is not so keen on ‘weird’ veggies but he would put up with them because he liked me, and it was sitting in front of him.  Then I had a boy who used to like veggies and then one day decided he didn’t.  And then I worked a lot and daddy did the cooking.  You can imagine if daddy who does not like veggies does the cooking what you get for dinner.  See ‘sandwiches’ and ‘pizza’ above.

Well, I have decided this is just enough.  We all need our veggies!  They don’t have to like it, but we are going to eat more veggies, protien, and whole grains!    Or starve trying!

Because I said so!


We have kinda been down this road…

So I know this means I have to menu plan and figure out what to get at the grocery store.  ACK!  I have no idea how to do this!  Other times I have tried and basically ended up throwing a way a lot of yummy veggies that got all slimy in the bin, emitting the ‘smell of doom’.

Of course I am obsessed with food blogs, recipes, and other sites with menu planning.  Yes, I look at those and think WHO HAS TIME FOR ALL THAT NONSENSE!

Then I spend 30 minutes just trying to figure out what to make for dinner with a hodgepodge of ingredients.


So, the adventure begins… I’m um open to any advice/tips/tricks anyone can pass along…

PS – I wrote this a few weeks ago, didn’t publish, then we all promptly got flu/colds/whatever and yeah, I am just now getting around to starting this again.  Perhaps we need some additional Vitamin C?

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