Keeping things interesting when working the week after Christmas OR Boxes: Fun for All Ages! – UPDATED

When you work in an office and actually elect to work the week after Christmas, it’s a little surreal.  I would say about 75% of the office is out on vacation so it almost feels like you are working when you should be off.  Also, anything that you need that requires input from other people is pretty much stuck until the first week of the new year when people return.  This can be fun since you finally get to tackle some of those ‘back burner-ed’ items.  You know, after you caught up on facebook, twitter, and your  RSS feed (not that i would do that *ahem*).  (Please, like that takes more than an hour or two tops).

So yesterday, I had a fun little diversion from the mundane!!!

Around 1:30 I got a call from Business Services (aka the mailroom) to say I have a package and they cannot find me.  It’s a big building, so I give them directions to my little cube.  About 3 hours later they find me.

It’s a big building, but 3 hours?  Really?

So finally around 4:30 the nice guy finds me, hands me a FedEx box and asks me to sign the tracker thing.  Sure!  fun!  A package!
I remark to the delivery dude, while giving it a good shake for emphasis, that for the size, it feels light.

We laugh politely, if not awkwardly.

He finally leaves and I tear it open, all excited to see what treasure has come my way unexpectedly!  I know you are wondering too, what did I find?


Yes, literally NOTHING was inside the box!

I looked around nervously, half expecting people to jump over cube walls, pointing and laughing… nope…

Just me, alone with awkward weirdness.

I poked my head in the box again, felt all the edges – maybe i am missing something?  Nope, it’s most definitely empty!

Finally, I looked at the label and it’s addressed to my company, first name, last initial and my department (not my whole name?  what?) and is from

I figured, eh, I have time, I can figure this out!  The only number I had to go on was the tracking number on the label.  I went to and entered the tracking number.  Simple, right?

Wrong!  I get ‘invalid number’ !!!

I look closer at the label and realize it’s a UPS label on a FedEx box!!

ARE YOU EVEN JOKING?!  This is more fun than Facebook any day!

Of course, all UPS tells me is that yes, in fact, the package was successfully delivered!  yay!

Ahem.  So um… still no idea what I was supposed to do with an empty box…

To it is!!  Their little web chat help application is fantastic.  I spoke with Ashley P and she was super helpful – not even any scritpy fake interaction either!

I explained the situation and she tried to look up the order with the ‘to’ information.

Guess what?  NADA!  I just hope I won that days ‘weirdest issue’ award for her.  She was at least able to pass on to the shipping folks that MAYBE they would want to keep UPS labels on UPS boxes and FedEx labels on  FedEx boxes… maybe.

Now all I can do is wait for someone to ask if I received their ‘special surprise’ to which I can respond “Well I got a box that fully entertained me for 2 days, is that what you sent?”
Hopefully they will follow-up with whatever was supposed to be in the box.  Or not, depending on what it was (what?  I’ve had my fun, I do not need a chia pet!)

Either empty boxes really are more entertaining than you remember as a kid or I am easily entertained.

You’re right, probably the latter.  (but remember, this is why you love me, I laugh at your jokes even when they aren’t that funny!)

Any excitement going on at your office this week?

UPDATE:  The mystery has been solved!  One of our other divisions had sent something for the holidays to my team via me – only someone at Overstock shipping put the shipping label on the wrong box!  They are great though and are resolving.  I did thank the team for the beautiful box of air and then shared with the team ;)

3 Responses to Keeping things interesting when working the week after Christmas OR Boxes: Fun for All Ages! – UPDATED
  1. Pablo
    December 30, 2010 | 1:38 pm

    It’s a box of emergency air.

    You’re welcome!

    • KateG
      December 30, 2010 | 1:41 pm

      Good to know that sells such a product! Thanks!

  2. Katybeth
    January 20, 2011 | 12:57 am

    Anybody can send a box of cookies or a box of chocolates but it take an especially thoughtful and creative person to buy and send what ever team needs most as they move into the New Year….a deep breath of air.

    Very funny story.

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