It’s Not Boring, It’s Simple and Clean

So we painted the kitchen.  I know, it’s the most exciting thing you have read in WEEKS! Basically, my realtor, Nancy, came in and took one look at this place:

And said “You ARE painting this right?” so I chuckled and said “well of COURSE!  We can’t sell it looking like this!” thinking I was being funny.  Without even looking at me, she responded “Ok good.  What color are you painting it?” I believe my exact words were:  *blink*

Now, I really would be repainting the kitchen and I realized I had no idea what color would work.  WHAT TO DO!?

ooh right, ask for help.  Crazy idea!

So I asked Nancy for suggestions, and do you know what her brilliant idea was?  You will NEVER GUESS:

Nancy:  Just paint it the same color as your living room
Me:  The light tan color? (as I peek around the corner to make sure I had that right)
Nancy:  Sure, it’s neutral and will make the white pop
Me:  *blink* never thought of that

So we painted.  I can’t even pretend it was really all that hard since it’s a rather small (and ok OLD kitchen) but it was a hell of a lot more fun when my neighbor Catherine came over to help!

I never knew I would like tan in my white kitchen with green counter tops… the consistency with the living room is fantastic.  Yet it still looks different and fresh and new in the kitchen.  All I had to do was ask!  Frankly, I wish I had asked Nancy about 5 years ago.

Funny how sometimes in life that nagging question about  what should you do next is just the same thing you have done before, applied to a different part of the room, situation, you.  Light shines differently on the old thing re-applied to the new space, now it looks like something new and exciting with the added comfort of familiarity.  I’m pondering this nugget of wisdom as we decide what to do after we sell.

What are your next steps?

2 Responses to It’s Not Boring, It’s Simple and Clean
  1. Kristen
    August 23, 2010 | 11:07 pm

    Love it!!

  2. Catherine
    August 24, 2010 | 2:43 pm

    I think it came out great! I had fun helping, even though I didn’t do all that much. It’s more fun with friends for sure!

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