Introductions sound so formal

Welcome to my little corner of the internets!  While on the surface it seems that my interests kind of bounce all over the place, I will try to show the connections (some of it is rationalizing, yes, but that’s ok!).

I am a total sucker for gadgets and technology.  This crosses over into my  my love of cooking.  Ok mostly I love baking, but occasionally I actually cook something.  This leads to my passion for local and organic produce, eco-friendly, and green technologies.  (Full circle with the technology!).

I am also married to an artist.  While I have always appreciated good design and art, I never really understood WHY until we met.  He has encouraged me to pursue my creative side, hence my random craft projects, photography, and paintings!  It’s ok to laugh, and I hope it inspires you to just try something for the fun of it!

All of this comes together (haha) with social media!  I find my self devouring lots of social media information and then turning it around to help people when they get stuck in their small businesses and collegues in larger corporations who aren’t using this stuff every day and are then asked to ‘make it work’ (easier said than done, for sure!)

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