I’m Back, Additions, and Blow Outs

well all one of you that read this little blog might have noticed I’ve been a tad bit quiet.  Oh yes this is completely normal.  What is that about posting once or twice a week? hahaaa i am such a rule breaker!!

This time i kind of have a good excuse.  April 25th I woke up at 12:30 at night in horrible pain!  And it came and went every 5 minutes!  Yeah, I was in labor :)  And a short (if you can call any labor short) 6 hours later, my baby girl was born!

Now that she’s three weeks old, I figure I am so behind on sleep it might make for interesting blog posts.  Or at least entertaining for me to write.  I have a feeling i will regret this decision once I get some sleep.

It’s kinda crazy, our son (who will be 5 in june) is now the Big Brother he always wanted to be.  Specifically, he wanted to be be Big Brother to a Baby Girl.  He might be spoiled because he has gotten exactly what he wants, but I dont care because he i so sweet and umm will do anything i ask in the name of Baby Girl.  I may or may not be exploiting this new development.

So the day before she turns 3 weeks old, Baby Girl met another newborn milestone.  Her very first blow out.  awww isn’t it cute?

no, no it isn’t cute.  It’s a big stinky mess, actually.
But it happened while she was in a bouncy chair, so not ON ME!  Score!
And my husband picked her up and discovered the explosion.  Score AGAIN!

So all in all, it’s been a pretty good month.  Now to just keep up the writing!

If there is betting, please publish odds in the comments.

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