Having Fun Is Exhausting And Procrastination – The Perfect Combo!

Can I just tell you how awesome field trips are?  Tuesday was my first ever chaperon experience.  Granted, they were all 4 and 5 year olds and everyone had at least one parent in addition to the four teachers.  Ok, fine, my poor child was the only one with BOTH parents.  He didn’t seem to mind, he’s 4!  He still likes having us around.  I have decided to enjoy that as long as I can.  That along with hugs and kisses – I figure he will outgrow eventually so I try to get in as many as possible now while he doesn’t care.

No, we are not helicopter parents.  Maybe.  Ok not in this case.  This time, we were just both as excited to go visit the National Museum of Natural History as the kids were!  Of course, they have no idea what it is, but figure it’s something exciting.  I haven’t been there since I was a little kid myself.  Which is kinda sad considering I have lived around DC for the last oooh 10+ years.  (ok REALLY sad)

The museum is HUGE so we only did a few parts, mostly extinct creatures and bugs.  It is amazing how crowded this place is for a random Tuesday morning in August.  I cannot even imagine over the weekend.  I am not sure I want to find out, which is probably why I haven’t been there in a few (a lot of) years.  We did have a really nice picnic lunch outside under the shade trees – and the kids literally ran around and around and around and sometimes in a figure eight and sometimes chasing pigeons staying juuuuust out of reach.

The really fun part was riding the school bus with short seats and no leg room through AM rush hour traffic.  And then on the way home, add exhausted kids to that, the bus driver honking at crazy drivers (seriously, who cuts off a school bus in traffic?) and keeping your eyes open.  Once we got back, kids were crying and it was general chaos as they were supposed to have a nap and finish out the day.

My husband and I, however, had grand plans to head home to work on the house.  We have a list of about 25 items that need to be done before we can list the house for sale.  The plan was to tackle at least 2 or 3 of them before it was time to pick up the 4 year old.  Unfortunately, once we got home and had a nice long drink of water (did I mention it was 100 degrees that day?) we made the fatal mistake of sitting on the couch “for just a minute” and promptly fell asleep for an hour and a half.

Why YES!  It WAS refreshing!  And no, not so productive.  But there were boxes!  And packing material!  Which are still strewn about the dining and living room.  This weekend… oh this weekend there will be progress made!  And possibly before and after pictures as motivation to keep on going when I want to just give up.

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