Focus and Inspiration Sometimes Wack You Over the Head

Inspiration comes in strange, sometimes frightening, forms.  I have been a very busy bee the last few weeks – cleaning out my house, freshening up paint, hiding toys in ottomans, and generally ‘pretend we have lots more space than stuff’ in preparation for sale.

That’s right – we are selling our cute little house in VA and then… what?  We aren’t really sure yet but have a few ideas.  Ideas that we will explore further once we sell the house and are free to move full steam ahead in whatever direction we choose.  There is a freedom in not owning a home.

Today I figured out that there are more changes going on than just selling our house.  We are embarking on a new adventure!  A new chapter in our lives!  And it is oh so exciting!  And a little bit terrifying.

So what does selling my house have to do with Twitter and Blogging?  Because normally, I have so many things I could write about that I get overwhelmed with possibilities and just stare at the screen, blinking.  After a few minutes of that fun, I check Twitter and Facebook and then HEY! It’s bed time!  Rinse.  Repeat.

Today, my Twitter procrastination propelled me into action when DannyBrown post this tweet:

And as I was falling out of my chair, stammering “EEK my blog is so out of date!  I need to write something!  He has followers who might click on that link!” I responded to Danny’s tweet by re-twetting and pretending I was all calm, cool, and collected:

And then reality hit:  I just promised the twitterverse that I would be updating my blog more regularly.

Now instead of just blinking, I will actually write & publish posts. Or, you know, let down all you twitter people who *might* click on a link.  (it could happen! Maybe.)

This is eerily similar to talking about fixing this or painting that in the house and getting overwhelmed so never actually doing it.  Once we told people (ok my realtor, Nancy Pav) we were going to sell – suddenly, I am painting the kitchen cabinets at 10pm and cleaning out the food pantry on a Sunday afternoon.  AND IT’S FUN!  (Ok and kind of gross, that can of peaches was hiding back there and expired in 2007.  ew.)  So for now, I have a topic and we will see where it goes… adventure!

Thanks a lot DannyBrown, for inspiring my blogging focus, I blame thank you ;)

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