Earth Day traditions… kind of untraditional

In honor of Earth Day and my mother being in town (possibly not in that order) I decided it was best to take a day off of work and pull my son out of daycare.  It was the right thing to do on a 70 degree sunny Thursday!

What do you do on a random Earth Day Thursday in the nation’s capital?  You ask twitter and facebook for ideas.  And then you listen to the sound of… crickets.  Apparently everyone was jealous that I was going to enjoy the day while they worked!

Turns out I didn’t need those ideas anyway, because my BRILLIANT aunt had the best idea ever.  But first, we had to hit Starbucks for some sustenance.  Who am I kidding?  Really it was for the kiddo, because at nearly 4 years old he already has a standard order.  What?  He likes the chocolate milk and the ‘spicy coffee cake’!  I am sure this is totally normal and has nothing to do with my daily habit while I was pregnant.

As I was saying, my Aunt won the idea contest by suggesting we hop on the Metro and head to National Airport.  What is more exciting to an almost 4 year old than AIRPLANES!?  And *gasp* riding on a train!!!  It’s no surprise she understands the young male mind, considering her son is older than me (and always will be!  Favorite oldest cousin!) but she also spends time with her nephews who are my son’s age.  Are you following along there?  Don’t worry, that part isn’t on the test.

Not only was there MUCH excitement over the Metro trains, we needed to change trains so that meant TWO trains, each way!  But also, the giant windows at National let you see the planes landing, taking off, and ‘parking’!

So, yes, we celebrated Earth Day by using public transportation!  Never mind the part about going to watch airplanes guzzle lots of gas, we didn’t add to it by not actually flying anywhere.

Ooh the obsession with motorized vehicles starts so young… maybe soon it will be solar powered motorized vehicles?  You know, for the Earth!

Start planning NOW for your next random day off adventure… you never know what unassuming fun place will turn up!

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