Being honest with friends leads to new opportunities. Ok so thats not really news.

You know how we tend to always answer the same way when asked certain questions?

  • Q:  How are you?
  • A:  Good
  • Q:  How’s Work?
  • A:  Good
  • Q:  How’s the family/wife/husband/kids?
  • A:  Good

COME ON!  There is so much more to the story.

Earlier this week, a dear friend came to visit and when she asked, “What do you WANT to do?”  I started to say “I donno” and change the subject, as usual.  Then I stopped.  I did know.  I just didn’t know how to translate it into a job.  So instead, I just admitted this and a relatively short discussion reveled that she actually has a friend who helps folks find the experience for the job they want, embedded in the stuff they’ve already done.  KINDA IMPORTANT don’t you think?  If I had only said ‘I donno’ I would never have learned this.  And now, I have some butterflies in my belly at the idea of making a shift in 2012 :)

Answering questions thoughtfully, listening and asking questions in return can lead to really surprising information.  (ok this particular frend probably would have told me I was lying and we would have gotten there eventually, so good friends are also a good idea. Listening and asking questions also leads to good friends.  Go figure.)

And also?  VERY EXCITED FOR 2012!!!

Just thought I would mention that :)




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