Are you a List Person? 5 Ways to Tell:

  1. You have lists on random pieces of paper all over the house, in your purse/pocket, in your car, at your desk – basically everywhere
  2. You have electronic documents  lists in google docs and/or your phone
  3. When using electronic lists, you wonder if you want bullets or numbers, which is most appropriate for this particular list?
  4. Other people make fun of your lists and you didn’t even realize you were making one
  5. You start to twitch when you have a lot of things to get done – and no pencil/paper/iphone with which to make a list

It’s funny how list people and non-list people marvel at one another.  What I find so surprising about non-list people is that when given a list, they just generally follow it.  Me? When I make a list I am editing, rearranging, reorganizing, prioritizing… it changes CONSTANTLY making last minute substitutions, and then sometimes  don’t even follow it *gasp* (sometimes).

Ok so mostly that’s at the grocery store when i decide that $6 is too much to pay for hummus thankyouverymuch.  That one will wait for a coupon!  Of course that goes on the list, don’t be ridiculous!  This blog however, has not been on the list – obviously.  But ahh I feel so much better now, it is not only on the list but getting up there in priority ranking.

So, what I really want to know, is how do non-list people can function?  How do they hold all the stuff in their heads that they want to get done?  Do they not want to get things done or are they just better at not needing to write things down?

I really am curious – are you a list person?  If not, HOW do you do that?  I’m getting all twitchy just thinking about it!

One Response to Are you a List Person? 5 Ways to Tell:
  1. SingleishMom
    September 30, 2011 | 8:41 pm

    I am not really a list person until I’m overwhelmed. I make lists when I have so much to do that I’m paralyzed. (Packing for vacation, for example, or when I’m swamped with work or housework.)

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