Adventures in Travel: The Biltmore with my Sister-In-Law!

Note:  I kept waiting to post this so that i could put in pictures.  They haven’t been downloaded yet and i got tired of waiting.  SO I am posting and maybe there will be pictures later!  yay!

What do you do when one of your favorite people lives 10 HOURS AWAY and you just don’t want to fly?  Well you find someplace in the middle and meet up of course!

Even better when that person is your husband’s sister and just awesome to hang out with!  I forget sometimes that they are related.  It’s great though, because she is the only person who can possibly make him uncomfortable with conversation!  And she backs me up when he is not quite seeing the light ;)

So we decided we would go on a girls trip by our selves, for some sister-in-law bonding.  Since it was her birthday, she got to choose the location.  Asheville, NC to see the Biltmore House!

I must say, I was all geared up for a cute little town in the Blue Ridge mountains… I did not expect a huge art community and adorable (and tasty!) coffee shops and restaurants.

In the middle of the town was a huge outdoor amphitheater.  apparently all summer local folks just setup there with their drums and everyone else just comes down and dances!  It is truly surreal.  We stumbled there after dinner and I tried to get a photo…

and then the skies opened up!  WOOSH!  RAIN!  I forgot I was in NC until no less than 3 cars stopped and asked us if we needed a ride to get out of the rain.  WOW!  Luckily we were only about 3 blocks from the hotel but we were pretty much DRENCHED by the time we walked into their swanky lobby.  Not sure if it was the squish of our shoes or the giggles and laughter that had people staring at us – either way – we didn’t care!  We were on vacation and having a great time!

The next day we headed to the Biltmore.  This house, it’s not so big, I could totally live there.  Well, as long as I also had the original amount of staff that ran the place.  WOW was it impressive!!  Still, you could see how folks could easily live there – it just had a homey feel in spite of the grandeur.   We did a couple of the extra tours which were completely worth it!  And even had lunch in the old stable, now a bustling restaurant with fantastic food.

We spent all day there and only toured the HOUSE!  I think perhaps another trip is in order to check out all the other places to tour… the gardens, winery, other restaurants, and gift shops!

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