How to be an inspiration

Short Answer:  Do something inspirational (heh)

The longer answer starts with a story…

I have recently begun working with Katherine Quinn “KQ” of Outside the Box Fitness (site relaunching in late January so bookmark it now!).  We had the great pleasure of meeting waaay back in the summer when our mutual friends invited us to a box suite at a Washington Nationals game.  It was pouring and we were sure the game would not happen so we filled up on all sorts of yummies and watched the football game on the giant flatscreen in the box.  oh it was fancy!    I think I was most impressed that KQ ate with out hesitation.  I suppose I had always assumed ‘healthy’ types didn’t eat or something?  Kind of crazy how your brain doesn’t always think things through!  I may have also been a little preoccupied with my giggles about watching football at a baseball stadium.  The game eventually started (amazing how they ‘dry’ out the field!) and ended with an amazing 9th inning Nationals home-run with bases loaded!  (I only remember this because it’s the only baseball game I have been to!)

Take Action - DO IT!

The game finally started, about an hour or so late, but THEY DID IT!

So during the course of conversation, KQ mentioned that she was going to need a website at some point so she could expand her business to the next level.  We exchanged info and plans to meet up soon… soon turned into umm late December and January!  Time does fly… but she has been very busy during all that time!  She’s on Twitter and has an article out in the Washington Flyer and more on the way!  So much productivity!!  So we finally found a slot of time in our schedules to meet up and discuss her website.  Of course we both went to different Starbucks the first time, but then we FINALLY met and talked and…


Spilling out onto the floor, filling notebook pages, building excitement at what could become reality.  I am sure some of the other folks in that Starbucks had their own great ideas just from overhearing us… it was THAT GOOD!  So our 2nd meeting I set my expectations lower since the excitement and inspiration encountered during the first meeting could surely not be duplicated.  I mean really, how often does inspiration strike?  Well apparently, when you are with people open to ideas and used to thinking ‘outside the box’ it can happen over and over again.  WHO KNEW THIS AND DID NOT TELL ME?!  I swear, every time we meet up it’s like an inspiration explosion!

So I have learned that the slightly longer answer to being an inspiration really requires at least 2 people who: 
1.  are open to any idea, no matter how crazy!
2.  challenge you and who can build on your ideas (and you on theirs and so on)
3.  work out next steps:  do you want to really do this?  who does what?
4.  keep meeting, keep sharing, keep connecting
5.  keep DOING

Katherine and I together come up with great idea after great idea, and even better?  We are taking action!  We are DOING!  We have some great things in the works… and we are so excited about them!  Are they all going to be ready in 2 weeks?  Nope. Will some of them get scrapped for even better ideas?  Absolutely.

Now, go and be inspirational and report back :)

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